Why is this important? Well, beloved patrons, today is the day where we come together as a community to celebrate the birth of our lord and saviour. No not the big JC, that’s what Christmas is for. Today is store owner, professional bingo caller and community celebrity Trevor’s birthday!

Does he know that I am publishing this on a blog to inspire the EPIC Community to wish him a “Bloody Awesome” birthday? No, no he doesn’t.

Why should we come together to celebrate the man who loves Pepsi Max nearly as much as his own children? Well here is a slight insight:

Trevor and Trish opened this store with one goal in mind, to make it community-focused. If you don’t know why that’s so important you can read more in my previous article. Moreover, as a staff under his employ, I have had the privilege to say that he is one of the most kind-hearted and generous employers any individual could hope to have as a boss. It seems an injustice to associate him with the typical stereotypes that come with bosses or employers.

The man is a leader, he leads by example and it shows! If you have ever had a conversation with him, he fully engages in the conversation to make you feel heard, his empathy and generosity are cornerstones, driving forces that fuel EPIC to its emphasis on community. We listen to your concerns and take them onboard, something both he and Trish are prime examples of.

One of his shining achievements is in the Bingo community, helping start Team Cupcakes Bingo at EPIC and calling numbers from the very beginning. The jewel of this achievement is Speed Bingo. I keep holding out for Trevor’s Rap Career to start (If I can ever get him into a recording booth).


A Call to Action!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the internet, I call you to arms! Grab your bottles of Pepsi Max and start the battle cries “Have a bloody awesome birthday Trevor!”

Your Friend and Ally,


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