“We should do draft more often!”  – the most commonly spoken phrase of the night.

Magic the Gathering’s newest set release ‘Commander Legends Battle for Baldur’s Gate’ had a lot to offer:

  • Returning mechanics from ‘Adventures in the Forgotten Realms’ including dice rolling and dungeons
  • A new partner like mechanic with the introductions to ‘Background’ enchantments
  • A new designation (similar to the ‘Monarch’ from previous sets) with ‘The Initiative’
  • The return of mechanics with Adventure, Goad and Myriad
  • A load of new Legendary Creatures for Commanders

There was still a twist to this set that stole the show and got everyone more excited to crack their packs. Battle for Baldur’s Gate was not your typical limited sealed prerelease, instead, it focused on participants drafting their prerelease kits with each other.
For many patrons at EPIC Ipswich, this was their first time ever experiencing a draft and the feedback was incredible!

Players pulled their packs, opened them, drew two cards and passed their packs along to each other. Drawing two cards each time and planning a 61 card Commander Deck with the various cards they pulled.

As someone who witnessed the madness, let me start by telling you that this lengthy two round night was full of politics, ploys and player fun. The draft forced an interesting and unique spin on your typical commander games and is something I believe we could use more of in the Magic the Gathering community.

As for introducing players to the Draft format, I will risk the wrath of the benevolent and almighty owners and offer a behind the scenes insight…. WATCH THIS SPACE.

Exciting things are on the horizon for Magic at EPIC Ipswich.

As for the Commander Legends Battle for Baldur’s Gate release, I look forward (and dread) facing off against a lot of the new cards released in this set at my regular Commander games. For those wanting to play more Commander, EPIC Ipswich runs Commander on Tuesdays and Fridays, with Magic purchases on Friday entering you into our Friday Night Magic Raffle.

Until the next release, enjoy the many fun mechanics and cards of this set.

Your Friend and Ally,

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