Take cover! The aesthetics are attacking!

We never stop changing the shop’s layout, for those who recall the early days of EPIC when we opened in the eye of the storm that was Covid-19 lockdowns, this place was less enticing to look at. The place consisted of a lonely glass cabinet, a whole lot of tables and chairs and a much less impressive wall of board games. Today we have isles of stock you can walk through, a noteworthy wall of easily accessible games to play in-store, a new counter set up for Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon!

Not everyone can recall but we originally designated the different zones of EPIC by their coloured floor tiles – something that staff will still frequently end up doing when delivering your hot meals and drinks to your table. Why am I mentioning the different zones? Well, the orange zone (with the large game tables near the back of the store) is getting another makeover! 

As an excited and enthusiastic fanatic of EPIC’s community, I couldn’t help but keep this to myself! Whilst not official yet, rumours are spreading about the completion of the orange zone to make it more Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering themed! I think I overheard some of the staff mentioning a fantasy-themed archway separating the orange zone and the cafe. I’m not sure how karaoke ties into it but unless I’ve been thrown a red herring, there’ll be a bards corner to jam out in complete with noise-proofing.

I can’t comment on the validity of gossip and hearsay, I can say that the new delivery of wall scrolls for Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering seems to support them. 
Watch this space I guess? Also if someone in the local thieves guild can escort me to a rogue’s passage, I’d appreciate a place to lay low until the benevolent owners call off their blood-hounds. A scoop like this will likely land me in hot water!

Your Friend and Ally,


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