Delivery Policy

EPIC Ipswich reserves the right to change these policies when required, so check this website to stay informed of any updates that may apply to you.

When ordering online you have three (3) different options to collect your order.   Pickup, in-car pick up, or Delivery.


There is no delivery involved if you choose order pick up, as such you are responsible for collecting your order from the EPIC Ipswich counter.

In-Car Pickup:

We understand life is busy, you may have young ones in the car or be unable to find a park to come in-store.  We offer an in-car pick up service to save you from getting out of your car to collect the order.  Please follow the pick-up area location details on the website as may not be the front door (road entry) the in-car pick up may be the dedicated pick up area access through the car park off of Brisbane street.  This may change depending on the time and day of your order collection so please note the in-car pickup directions given with your order for that day/time.

You remain in your vehicle and your order will be bought to your car.  Depending on staffing at the time you may be asked to send an SMS to 0422 802 522 to notify of your arrival at in-car order pick up.  Similar to order pick up, you are responsible for collecting your order from the EPIC Ipswich in-car pickup area.


With the return of “normal” business and dining in, EPIC Ispwich is no longer offering a delivery service at this time.  We are exploring options such as Menu Log but are yet to make a descision on these delivery services.

However we still offer FREE delivery to the surrounding busineses and very close residents in walking distance to EPIC as an option for local customers.


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