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What is Dragon Dice?

 Dragon Dice is a Collectible Dice Game made by the original producers of Dungeons and Dragons (TSR, Inc.) and is today owned and produced by SFR, Inc.

Dragon Dice is a game where players simulate combat between nations of fantasy races through dice roles to gain magic in the form of elements: fire, water, earth, air and death. Each army usually consists of a combination between two of the magical elements. Through Magic, Melee, Missiles and sending in Reinforcements and Reserves, the first to remove the other opponents pieces or to the 8th face wins.



4:00pm – 9:00pm

Green Zone

Dragon Dice

     Event hosted by EPIC Ipswich

Grab those pretty click clacks and rage war! maneuver your way to the drop down button for more information.

Dragon dice has made it’s way to our tabletop. Amass your army and conquer at EPIC Ipswich.

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