“Why not just call it a launch party?” Because it’s so much bigger than your standard launch party!

MEGA-Launch Party may sound like an exaggeration, however, with $3000 of giveaways throughout the night, I for one am inclined to call it just that – mega.

Save the date for EPIC Ipswich’s MEGA-Launch of Double Masters 2022. This one-off event is sure to be the largest Magic Launch Party that Ipswich has ever seen. The almighty and generous owners (who may or may not be looking over my shoulder as I type this) are opening AN ENTIRE CASE of Double Masters 2022 that they are just giving away.

Everyone on the night will get booster packs split among them after the last game.

Still not incentivized? Then you must want me to mention something along the lines of “If you pay for entry before July 8th, then you’re entered into the draw for a FREE DRAFT BOX of Double Masters 2022″…. oh did I forget to mention that’s a thing? (and yes we can layby those payments).

That’s not all. If you have a Facebook account, head on over to our Facebook post linked Here: Double Master’s MEGA-Launch


By liking and tagging people in the Facebook post, you go into the draw to win a Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster valued at $129! It gets better, for each person you tag, you get another entry into the draw. You must however like the post and be in attendance on the night to win.

Entry to the MEGA-Launch is $99 and with all the value in the packs you draft, prizes, and giveaways, you’d be crazy not to go!

So save the date, start tagging your friends, and come into EPIC to save your spot in this extraordinary one-off event unlike any other.


Your Friend and Ally,


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