29 Jun 2022


6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

D&D EPIC League

EPIC League (EL) is a yet another form of organised play for Dungeons & Dragons… with a twist: Each table is a different town and adventuring party in the same world! This means actions and choices you make affect other tables around you!

The story and adventures take place in the Demi Plane of Thoroz – outside the Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Tal’Dorei or any other established D&D universe, though adventurers may originate from any of these universes.

Adventurers and other brave souls are dragged through the veil by some unknown power and now must struggle to survive the harsh unforgiving landscape that is Thoroz. The world is inspired by prehistoric Australia, dark fantasy, and the Dread Domains of Dungeons and Dragons (featured in ‘Curse of Strahd’ and ‘Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft’). One of the main storytelling elements employed in this season of EPIC League is the mystery of the unknown, so it would be a major spoiler to reveal any more details here…

Playing in EPIC League

Want to create a character and join EPIC League? Characters can be created from nearly any combination of published 5e materials using standard array and or point buy from the Player’s Handbook. For a more comprehensive guide to Player Rules in EPIC League, either come early to a game on Wednesday’s or download the attached Players Rules.

Become a Dungeon master for epic league

DM’s are highly sort after to meet the demand of Players we recieve on a Wednesday night. To become a DM the EPIC League organiser will need to debrief you on part of the world lore and some of the League Rules.

The easiest way to enquire about becoming a DM is to Contact EPIC, joining EPICs Discord or simply by enquiring on Wednesdays after your League Game.

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