28 Jun 2022


5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Magic the Gathering Commander

What is Commander?

Commander is a format of Magic where players play in groups of four and verse each other. Decks are to be constructed of 100 cards each with a different English name (excluding basic lands). One of those 100 cards must be a legendary creature and your commander – a card that doesn’t get shuffled into the deck and may be played from a zone known as the command zone. It may be cast for its mana cost however everytime it’s exiled or killed, it returns to the command zone and may be replayed with an additional 2 mana for each time its returned to the command zone. Decks must be only using cards that share the same colours within your commanders colour identity.


When does EPIC run Commander?

Commander is run every Tuesday and Friday from 5pm at EPIC, it is played casually however there is a Friday Night Magic draw with purchase for players that night. 

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