Flesh and Blood may be the most recent in trading card games, having only debuted in New Zealand in 2019, but that does not mean it isn’t going to be sticking around! Compared to other Trading Card Games (TCGs) where players summon monsters to fight each other, in Flesh and Blood players take on the roles of heroes already powerful and ready to fight each other. 

In my experience with the game, your stories of how games went sound amazing but being a player, it is taxing and brutal – constantly walking on eggshells to outwit and gain an upper hand.

Differing from other TCGs your deck will vary depending on the hero you choose to build your deck around. Each hero is unique with a bunch of traits that affect your game. Your health, hand size, and the classes your deck needs to focus on rely on your hero. 

From here the game is Equipping your hero and having them don armour (all of which affect gameplay) and then discarding cards and playing cards to joust with your opponent in a display of grit to reduce their hero’s health to zero.

Why is Flesh and Blood currently rising in popularity? To put it simply – it is the most different TCG to be released since PokemonYu-gi-oh!, and Magic the Gathering. All other TCGs rely on summoning creatures and other such minions to fight for you, spells to thwart them and boost them. Flesh and Blood feels personal. You’re using your wit, not as a Duelist, Planeswalker, or Pokemon Trainer, you’re using your wit as your opponent slashes at you. 

It has all the hallmarks of the games your love but has that extra niche that makes it different. 

As a Magic the Gathering player myself, I find the allure and excitement of Flesh and Blood compelling enough to christen it as my favourite TCG… I’m not! but it is very very tempting.

Games of Flesh and Blood are starting this Wednesday (June 22nd) from 7 PM at EPIC. If you have had no prior experience, we will be more than happy to bring you up to speed and have decks available in-store.

Your Friend and Ally,


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