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What is Flesh and Blood?

Whereas Trading Card Games (TCGs) like Yu-gi-oh! and Magic the Gathering have players summoning monsters and spells as staples of their games, Flesh and Blood is a game based around heroes. Unlike other TCGs where players take on the roles of powerful spellcasters, in Flesh and Blood players take on the roles of their chosen heroes and their respective life total and other card abilities that affect gameplay.

From there a deck is constructed to help support the hero’s class types, armour, and equipment. Flesh and Blood is a reactionary game. Players will frequently keep cards in hand to thwart the opponent. 

Flesh and Blood at EPIC

Flesh and Blood has been stocked at EPIC for a while, however, a game group had not been organised until recently. For now, EPIC is running learn-to-play casual games of constructed and will tailor our games towards the preferred formats of our player base.

Wednesday Nights


7:00pm – 9:30pm

Green Zone

Flesh and Blood

      Event organised by EPIC Ipswich

Grab your heroes and equip them for battle!

Flesh and Blood is one of the newest but fastest-growing Trading Card Games out there. There’s no need to feel like it’s too late to learn, this fast-growing community is happy to induct new people and teach them the very easy-to-learn game.

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