Unless you’ve been living in a different reality, you likely won’t have heard of Free RPG Day. The organisation Gaming Days only formed in 2019 to provide Game Stores (like your friendly neighbourhood E.P.I.C. Ipswich), with gaming opportunities, as it stands they only have one yearly global event, the aforementioned Free RPG Day. 2019 was a great year to launch, but unless you lived in a reality where Local Game Stores (LGS) wasn’t affected by Covid-19 or lockdowns, this event likely never reached your ears unless you were part of the 1st Free RPG Day.


What is Free RPG Day?

Free RPG Day is pretty much what it says on the label, its a Day when stores are given content and Role Play Games from some of the largest gaming publishers for FREE to run for their stores.


What Games have been announced this year?

Starfinder: Skitter Warp, Pathfinder: A Fistful of Flowers

Skitter Warp is a short #Starfinder adventure with 4 pre-generated characters to let you quickly lend some helping hands for Free RPG Day!

A Fistful of Flowers is a short adventure for 3rd-level characters that takes a band of leshy heroes out of the forest and into that most dangerous of locations—an aristocrat’s fancy tea party.

Harengon Paint Kit

The D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures Harengon Limited Edition Paint Kit is perfect for new and experienced painters! The kit contains everything you need to paint your own Harengon to use in any tabletop adventure! The kit includes 1 Harengon figure, 8 Vallejo paint colors, 2 brushes, and 1 water pot.

Iron Kingdoms: A Strange Light Breaks

Explore the even stranger side of Iron Kingdoms: Requiem in this showcase of the foremost paranormal investigators in the world of Full Metal Fantasy. Confront mischievous grymkin, the restless dead, and more in this short adventure for five 1st-level characters.

Curse of the Dread Marsh Crew

Curse of the Dread Marsh Crew is a ready to roll 5E adventure by Loke Battle Mats. Set in Maps from the Coast of Dread, this adventure includes Battle Maps and cut out tokens for Characters, Adversaries and Terrain.

Also contained within the adventure book are a quick 5E guide, sheets for the pre-generated characters and stat blocks for the foes they will encounter.

Danger in the Air, The Three-Wizard Conundrum

A huge creature drifts in the air above the homes of the village, a structure visible within its great body and the glitter of gold sparkling inside. What other treasures—and terrors—might this visitor from elsewhere possess?

Word is 3 mighty wizards are looking for a band to retrieve a fabled ring of wizardry. Whichever wizard you choose, your trek leads to a place where magic almost died, and the mountain holds surprises not even the wizards are aware of…

Final Race Dice Set: Road Fever

Step on it! The Final Race starts now! Keep control and don’t lose your cool, or let the red mist cover your eyes – whatever lets you win! The various post-apocalyptic markings on the dice faces tell you one thing: there is nothing but the race! With their background being blue and paintings orange, you cannot lose!

Chasm of the Duergar Cult

The Duergar’s rituals threaten the kingdoms of the underworld, and the nations of the surface. A party of adventurers must venture into the depths, and fight their way through the legions of the Duergar Cult to try and prevent a terrible demonic force from being called up.

Homeworld: Revelations 2d20 RPG

A NEW TABLETOP ROLEPLAYING ODYSSEY BEGINS; YOUR JOURNEY STARTS ON FREE RPG DAY! Complete starter rule set and thrilling adventure for the forthcoming Homeworld: Revelations 2d20 RPG, with plenty of hints and tips for new GMs.

How to Raise the Dead

Ready to raise an army of the dead as swiftly as a necromancer? Learn to paint your Mantic Games terrain and undead miniatures quickly using Speedpaints from The Army Painter in this easy-to-follow booklet from Dave Taylor Miniatures. Each bundle contains six booklets plus a mausoleum and cemetery gates terrain piece from Mantic.

A Familiar Problem

A new one-page RPG of magical familiars on a mission! Created by Marisha Ray (Critical Role) and designed by Grant Howitt (Honey Heist), you’ll play a scrappy team of summoned magical creatures, left behind as the spellcasters went adventuring. To prove you’re up to adventure, too, band together and undertake a daring quest of your own!

Terrain Crate

Inspire your party with the incredible mausoleum. This amazing, pre-assembled plastic scenery will become a centrepiece for gothic RPG adventures.

Talon Hill Quickstart

The Roleplaying Game contains pre-generated characters and a full clearing write up along with all the rules to get you started playing quickly! In Root: The RPG, you and your friends take on the roles of wandering vagabonds—heroes, rogues, and adventurers who have the potential to change the fate of the Woodland—and you’ve recently arrived at Talon Hill!

Step into the Dark Future

Step into the Dark Future with Cyberpunk RED Easy Mode, a quickstart and mission that’ll throw you head first onto the streets of Night City.

Rolled & Told

Grab Rolled & Told Vol. 1 on #FreeRPGDay2022! It contains all the adventures, comics, and articles from issues zero to six alon

level 1: Indie RPG Anthology

The INDIE RPG scene is a diverse, fascinating, and vibrant part of the TTRPG community. Once again, 9th Level Games brings a collection of different ideas from the world of INDIE RPGs to FREE RPG DAY 2022.


When is Free RPG Day?

July 23rd internationally, and we are that hyped that yes, we have told you well in advance so you may save the date.

If you are interested in any of these games, please do book in or if you’re wanting to run a particular game, call the store and we will get you sorted.

In either case, I eagerly await a day of fun where I may try out some RPGs (and miniature painting) that I have not tried before.

Your Friend and Ally,


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