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Visit EPIC Ipswich for our great food, amazing cafe, game store, bingo supplies, social clubs, tournaments, mixed media store and workshops to satiate your need for arts and crafts.

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Contact us at (07)-3143-3545

or if unable to contact the store please try 0421 408 112

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EPIC’s fantastic food and drink

EPIC Ipswich is more than just a fast food joint. Our on site cafe and restaurant will mean you never have to take a break from having fun to fill your belly. 

Our Cafe has all you drinking needs met with Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolates, Milkshakes, Thickshakes, Iced coffee, Iced Chocolates and even Slush Puppies.

What about soft drinks or energy drinks? Variety and plenty of it.

Hungry? Our in store restaurant has you covered with our catalogue of breakfasts, burgers, sandwiches, pastas, snacks and so much more!

We’re partnered with Uber Eats, Doordash and Menulog to even bring the food to you!



Your favourite foods


your favourite games


at your favourite events


in our studio

Play your favourite games at epic ipswich

Trading Cards Games (TCGs)

Magic the Gathering


Pokémon TCG

One Piece Card Game

Grand Archive

Shadowverse Evolve

Tabletop Games


Star Wars Legion

Bolt Action

Dragon Dice


RolePlaying Games

Dungeons and Dragons

Call of Cthulhu

Star Wars RPG

Power Rangers

Delta Green






Board Games

I found Epic Ipswich by accident one night while looking for something to eat on UberEats. What I found amazed me. The food alone is worth 5 stars. Wholesome home cooked style meals with fantastic servings and the best gravy I’ve ever had in my life. Thinking Epic was just a restaurant I decided to look into it further and what I found was a gamers paradise.

I started gaming in 1980 with TSR’s Dungeon board game and quickly progressed to the OG D&D Red box Basic Rules. I gamed all through the 80’s and 90’s and suffered the stigma attached to gaming back then. If I had access to a place like Epic back in the day perhaps I’d still be rolling the dice all these years later. I just can’t believe that a place like this exists in Ipswich and it makes me proud to see gamers have an amazing safe space to meet, eat and play.

Congratulations Epic you rolled a 20 on this one. Big +5 to your wonderful kitchen people. Thank you.

Tim Burke

Via Google Review

Three things to know about us


Square Meters


Store Copies of Games – free to play anytime


Great Venue

Members and Rewards Cards Coming Soon!

We have a grand plan for EPIC for the next 15 years.   Whilst we aim to grow and offer a real choice to share our vision of a family-friendly, pokie-free, community-focused venue.  Membership allows EPIC to plan out the future by creating regular, annual or one-off events that are designed for our members.

The plan is to have different kinds of memberships for different interests. We plan to have a FREE membership available that will allow the average patron to earn points with every purchase (points expire end of each year). In addition, will notify you of upcoming special events, however, this will not entitle you to discounts or entry into member events.

The EPIC Event calendar

november, 2023

Are you a creative and want a place to craft and create?

If you’re creative and artsy, then EPIC Ipswich is the place for you. We are home to The Crafty Studio your safe space to do workshops, various mixed media projects and arts of all sorts.

In The Crafty Studio, we host multiple art and craft workshops from local Artist and Teachers who are here to teach you new techniques and inspire you on a creative journey. Our local Artist & Teachers at the Studio offer many creative and crafty workshops and social clubs. From watercolour to mixed media workshops you will find lots of inspiration. We also offer Free Social Clubs for you to chat and create with fellow crafters. 

Before you sign up to our workshops our start painting your massive miniature collection that has sat neglected for months – check out our supplies! EPIC Ipswich houses all the supplies you could want for mixed media and tabletop crafting. We even sell sealing wax.

Reach Us

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17a Thorn St, Ipswich,

Queensland 4305


(07) 3143 3545

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Phone: (07)-3143-3545

Address: 17A Thorn Street, Ipswich, QLD, 4305


Facebook: @epicipswich

Instagram: @epic.ipswich

Looking for a car park?

Enter via Mortomer Street and park in the EPIC car parks.

After 5:30pm you can park in Top Gun labelled parks too – so any park at night or  on Sundays.

There are steps at the back for entry.

Or street parking at the front on Thorn Street for ramp access.

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