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EPIC Ipswich has 8 Social Clubs to choose form and many have more specific sub-clubs too.  We are developing these clubs over the coming weeks and are currently putting a calendar together for regular club meets to enjoy the game and hobby with like-minded people.

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Interested in joining the EPIC team as a hobby master or ‘host’ please click here.

EPIC has a 130 year old full size 12 ft championship table and a “pub” size table as well.  We can supply everything needed to play snooker, billiards, 8 ball, 9 ball, Pool or kelly’s Pool.  Including cues in all shapes and sizes.  We also stock a selection of Cue Sport Supplies for purchase If you prefer to buy your own for the professional look….

We have 3 dart boards with great lighting that are ready to use.  But can also set up more boards for a larger gathering if required.  As with all our games you do not “need” to bring anything to play, we can supply the darts for your game.  But you are most welcome to bring your own darts even if it means dusting off the cobwebs from them!   EPIC also has a selection of darts and accessories for sale if you would like to browse the selection or need some new flights for your favourite darts.

We currently have one championship table and one challenging mini-table at EPIC.  We can supply bats, net and balls so you can simply come and play and work up a sweat in what is a deceptively energetic game.  However, if you did want to add your own touch to the game your welcome to browse our selection of bats and novelty table tennis balls for sale.

We have a very modern Trivia system that includes full Trivia sessions, over 100 games such as Sale of the Century, Jeopardy, name that lyric and It’s a knockout.  Plus music, video and picture bingo.

EPIC Ipswich has 4 traditional CASH bingo sessions a week for a local charity.  But are soon to have a weekly bingo game that is a little unique and will be perfect for beginners or young children.  Still have the typical game of cash bingo but will include fun little trivia games as well.  This fun bingo trivia combo game will be called Tringo and will be suitable for the whole family.

We have not yet found the right host for these social groups.  We are not even sure if there are enough “builders” out there to start a bit of a social group that incorporates leg and/or other models.

Whilst EPIC Ipswich does not currently have dedicated poker tables we are exploring the opportunity of hosting regular poker tournament and casual games.  We are also exploring the possibility of getting some blackjack and other “casino” tables for casual and fun game play ( no sorry we are not opening a casino in Ipswich !! ).

We do however have many other card games to play, including the traditional games form “regular” cards such as Canasta, 500, Crib and Bridge.  Then there is the of the shelf games such as Uno, Skip-Bo, Ono-99, Wizard or Crowns to name but a few.  OR fell like letting out some frustration and yelling at others – try Billionaire.

Not to be forgotten are the card games that are in a world of their own such as Magic of the Gathering,  Yu-Gi-Oh, Exploding Kittens or Unstable Unicorns.   Or maybe a bit of fun and a laugh your looking for and join in a game that is not really suitable for children – how about Cards against humanity, What do you Meme?, Disturbed Friends, FK. The Game, or Joking Hazard.

We have a large selection for board games for all ages from the classic Yahtzee, Monopoly, Chess and Scrabble to some lesser know games like Scene IT and Balderdash.  There are too many to list here right now but we are working on a complete list of games.

Whilst we do not currently have many RPGs we want to build the catalogue based on what YOU would like to play here at EPIC Ipswich – so make a suggestion….   We will be hosting a family-friendly Dungeons and Dragons night as well as more involved campaigns for the more experienced players.

EPIC Ipswich has two HTC Pro Vive VR headsets and an array of games.  We also have a couple of Arcade games with 100’s of old-school video games to play.  Soon will be adding some computers in a Steam Café for you to enjoy a large variety of computer games.

Ready set go….

Nothing compares to an 8-player game of Mario Cart or Smash Bro games.  Maybe you would like to challenge others in an online match utilising our business grade high-speed NBN network.  But just for a bit of fun, the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation has so many capabilities and games to choose from to fill in  al lazy arvo or evening.   And yes we will be getting PlayStation 5 as soon as they are released !   Arguably, everything is not about the newest – latest and greatest – we also have the old school consoles like N64 to fire up and enjoy….

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