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One of our goals at EPIC Ipswich is to build an EPIC Community comprised of multiple social groups coming together to have fun and share a common interest.  But we can’t do this alone and are aiming to build a team of gaming and hobby masters or “hosts”.

We have a lot of hours to fill with “fun” and want to build a team that have a passion about “something.”  You might be in your 70’s and passionate about Snooker or Billiards. We will pay you to be the host of a Sunday afternoon EPIC Snooker club.  Maybe your 17 and are an absolute Switch fanatic – would you like to host a weekly 8 player switch battles on Mario Cart or Smash Bro?  As the host you are paid to be the one to “take the lead” of the social group.  Would like to be the host for a weekly Canasta, or scrabble or Darts…  There is no limitation on what type of social group – as long as it is legal !!   We want to create a large variety of things to do and have different things happening every day and night.  We will all come together before we start to lock in a calendar of social groups.

As an EPIC club host, you will be responsible for one or more of these social groups of your choosing.  You will be organised in advance for your regular social events and enthusiastic about your chosen game or hobby.  Although you will be able to work independently, you will also be a part of the larger EPIC Ipswich team.  Subsequently you will be required to adapt and bring your unique experience and qualities to the whole team.  Would be an advantage to hace sound social media abilities, so you are able to maintain and appropriately interact with members of the wider EPIC Ipswich community to promote your social groups and special events.

Many of the typical attributes considered by employers when applying for a “job” are not relevant to these roles.  We do not care how old you are, what you look like, what education level you achieved or even what past work experience you have gained previously.  Whilst there are multiple positions available, please be aware if you are looking for a full time job this is not for you, this role will be more like a hobby or adjunct to your existing work-life or even retirement.  Initially may only be a couple of hours a week so we can all meet together and work out a plan – creating a weekly calendar of social groups like fitting a big jigsaw together.

To explain we are about to embark on journey together – creating something new and exciting.  EPIC Ipswich is an approved restaurant, café and entertainment space.  We have a full commercial kitchen and about 1,000 SQM, and have just applied for our liquor license – we are a very unique, new business.  There are different zones:  with VR, Switch, and Playstation, 130 year old full size snooker table, table tennis, board games, and darts.  Plus a large function zone that has multiple uses depending on the need at the time.  All serviced by the café and kitchen that is open from 7 am for all day breakfast and can trade until midnight – 7 nights a week.

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List of Games, Hobbies and Social Groups


EPIC has a 130 year old full size 12 ft championship table.  Host required for social groups for snooker and/or billiards.  There is a smaller “pub’ size table available for more casual play..


Using both the tables ( 12 ft championship and smaller “pub” size) we would like to start a social pool club.  Be it the standard game of pub pool,  or nine ball or maybe just a game of kelly’s pool… As the host of the EPIC Pool Social group there are several options available to suit a variety of members.


EPIC has 3 x dartboards but can provide as many dart boards as needed depending on the size of the social group and the games played.  As the EPIC Darts host you will organise a variety of social fun play and also some healthy competition.

Table Tennis

We only have one full size table at EPIC and also one small little challenge table!     We will be able to get more tables as the EPIC Table Tennis Club grows.  The host for this group will have a good understanding of the rules so that any scoring disputes do not escalate!

Carpet Bowls/Croquet

Like many things on this list we are first seeing if anyone comes forward that is interested in hosting this social group.  Will also assess feedback from marketing to see if there is enough interest to form this social group before investing in the equipment.  Not every social group will be a success…..


We have a very modern Trivia system that includes full Trivia sessions, over 100 games such as Sale of the Century, Jeopardy, name that lyric and it’s a knockout.  Plus music, video and picture bingo.  Just need to find the right host for these events.  Also have a new concept to launch called TRINGO which is Trivia and cash bingo all mixed together.


EPIC Ipswich already hosts 4 x bingo session a week for a local charity.  But we are always looking for bingo staff and have an idea for a Bingo Social club that is a little unique and will be looking for the right person to be involved with this Social group and also the Tringo game mentioned above.


Like many things on this list we are first seeing if anyone comes forward that is interested in hosting a poker night/day.  EPIC Ipswich does not currently have the poker tables and would be open to partner with an existing Poker promotion group if they wish to use the space.

Canasta / 500 / Crib / Bridge

With Covid there are so many social groups that have lost their regular meeting place and card groups are included in this.  We are looking for hosts to be “in control” of the card social groups – do not need to be versed in all the card games – you can apply to take the lead in just Canasta for example.

Lego / Model Building

These are types of those social groups we would really like to start but are not sure if there is anyone out there to take the lead.  DO not need to be interested in bot Lego and model building can be 2 different social clubs or maybe we will only do Lego – we do not really know until we see who out there is interested – are you ?

Dungeons and dragons

We are seeking motivated dungeon masters to join our team and may employ more than one. We do plan to host family-friendly nights where a father can play with their child for example. Will also be other nights that do not need to be “G” rated !

Tabletop Role Play games

Current EPIC Ipswich staff are not experts in this field and a seeking someone who can take the lead and bring the RPG’s to life ….


What a classic !  Are you the host we are looking for to manage fun social games and tournaments ?

Magic the Gathering

Just like RPGs there are no experts on staff but we would really like to find someone to join the team that can open our eyes to the Magic world and create an exciting regular gathering here at EPIC Ipswich.

Vive Pro VR

EPIC Ipswich currently has one headset and commercial license but are looking to expand this. Looking for someone that understands and can take the lead on a regular VR social group and assist during EPIC “open” nights.

Nintendo Switch

Ready to be in charge of 8-player Mario Cart or Smash Bro games. Are you a Switch fanatic?  We will invest in all the new game as they come to market. We have approval from Nintendo to use in a business  setting.


What a classic console …  And yes EPIC will be getting the Playstation 5’s as soon as they are available.  Would you like to be in charge of the EPIC Playstation club?  Of course we have approval from Sony to play, play , play…

Mah Jong

Like many things on this list we are first seeing if anyone comes forward that is interested in hosting this social group.  Will also assess feedback from marketing to see if there is enough interest to form this social group before investing in the equipment.  Not every social group will be a success…..


Looking for the right person to host the scrabble social groups.  Have fun and keep a leader’s board of high scores !


Such a classic game – looking for a chess master that can take the lead and aybe teach som newbies along the way.  So patience is essential.  But I’ve never met a chess player who is not patient ?


So many Cluedo games here ate EPIC to choose from.  Could play a different one every week.

Trivia Games

There is about 20 varieties of the classic Trivial Pursuit here at EPIC, not to mention the “other” trivia games.  Be the trivia host for the board game version of the trivia night.

Board Games

There are literally hundreds of board games here at EPIC to choose from.  Will you decide what the group plays or as the host do you let them decide. The choice is yours….

Word / Dice / Tile Games

Balderdash, Boggle, Taboo, Yahtzee, and Rummy – the list is quite extensive.  So many games that fit into each category !

 Card Games

From cards against Humanity to Uno and everything in between.  Maybe it is just a simple game of 13 or chase the ace.  As the host for the card game night the ultimate decision will be yours !

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