Flesh and Blood and One Piece Trading Card Games are officially their way to EPIC!

Interested in learning some new and exciting card games?

Whilst Flesh and Blood has been out for a while the community is rapidly growing and due to demand (and the fact we’re unable to keep any whole boxes from selling in-store), we’re now starting regular games at EPIC on Wednesdays. New to the game? No worries, we sell premade decks and have enthusiasts ready to grow the game even more!

Speaking of learning new trading card games – One Piece has an official trading card game that is coming to EPIC. The official release isn’t until December, however, we at EPIC can’t wait that long! We signed up for the Super-release. Sign-up is required and all participants get a starter deck.

Flesh and Blood start games at EPIC on Wednesday 22nd of June.

One Piece Super-release is Friday the 30th of September. Registration is required. More details will come closer to the release, you can bet we will keep you updated.

Your Friend and Ally,


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