Bluff ‘n’ Peg

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Players: 2-6

Play Time: 30 minutes

Age: 8+


As far back as the wild west, 5 Card Draw has been the bluffing game of choice for many thrill seekers. While many have tried to recreate the excitement of the game without the gambling, the bluffing just wasn’t the same. Bluff ‘N’ Peg has successfully eliminated the gambling and become an exciting family bluffing game.

The strategy is knowing how to play your cards. Each player in turn must play 1 card at a time until they have beaten the best hand showing or they may fold their cards.

By folding you can minimize the number of holes you are forced to peg backward. Beware of the player who tried to advance the bluffing peg, points can be doubled, and doubled again. One false move can change the whole game. Knowing when to double and when to fold is the key to the game.


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May 18, 2021

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