Players: 4

Play Time: 45-90 minutes

Age: 18+


The party game with a delicious twist!
A great mix of games for the laugh-out-loud party crowd!

Open up the game box. Sprinkle friends around the room. Mix up the coasters, Then pick’em at random to play 6 games. Stir in a dash of drama, a splash of laughs and a double shot of silliness, and you’ve got a happy hour that will last all evening long!

Pick a coaster… play a game!

Hum Punch:
Hum it up in a musical challenge. No singing allowed! Hmm-Hmm-Hmm

What Not:
Don’t say what it is, say what it’s not! Will your team guess “Hot Dog” when you say, “It’s not a cool cat”?

Straight Up:
Write something true or funny about a teammate. Will you get points for telling it like it is?

Ready, aim, and fire balls into cups. The action changes with every draw of a card.

Mime Twist:
Zip your lips and act it out. Will your team guess “Stud Muffin” in the Lover Boy category?

Clay Smoothie:
Mold and fold clay into shapes that your teammates just might recognize… like a snowman.

Contents:35 Coasters, 430 Cards, 5 Plastic Cups, 2 Plastic Balls, Container of Partini Modeling Compound, 2 Pads of Paper, 4 Pencils, Timer, Die and Rules.


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May 19, 2021

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