Players: 4-99

Play Time: 30 minutes

Age: 8+


Pictionary-style game in which 2 to 3 teams model representations of words using their own particular color of dough. In each round, players from each team sit side-by-side and look at the same word card. Word cards differ in 3 ways. (1) With one neutral colored word listed, each member models to communicate the same word. (2) With 3 neutral colored words, each modeler has free choice but may end up molding the same word. (3) With 3 words listed in 3 different colors, modelers can only mold according to the color of their dough. To start, each modeler places their ball of dough onto their plastic mat, which outlines start positions for their hands. Each modeler simultaneously tries to represent their word. The first team to shout out the correct word winsxed amount of dough from their opponent’s model using a plastic extracting tool. The winning team can also reclaim a previously extracted amount. A team can lose for calling out a color coded word that another team member is modeling. Once a team loses all of their dough, the game ends, and the team with the most dough wins.


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May 21, 2021

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