Players: 2-12

Play Time: 30 minutes

Age: 13+


The DVD Game That’s Laugh-Out-Loud Funny! Scene it? Comedy Movies Deluxe Edition is the only game that features clips, trivia and on-screen puzzles from Hollywood’s funniest comedy movie moments! From hilarious classics like Animal House and Caddy shack to recent hits like The Hangover and It’s Complicated, Scene It? Comedy Movies features everybody’s all-time favorite comedy movies. Exciting new mini-games and bonus activities add even more fun to this side-splitting experience! Get ready to laugh until you cry when you play this hysterical, one-of-a-kind DVD game.

Players (or teams) race around the board answering questions about comedy movies along the way. The first player or team to reach the Final Cut area on the game board and pass the final challenge is declared the winner! It plays similar to the original Scene It? DVD board game, but adds a few extras in order to make the game stand out as unique in the Scene It? series.


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May 21, 2021

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