Players: 2-12

Play Time: 45 minutes

Age: 13+


All-new edition of America’s favorite DVD trivia game!
Scene It? Movie 2nd Edition picks right up where the original left off. From the moment you pop in the DVD, you’ll experience the very best in motion picture trivia from movies like Walk the Line, Dodge Ball and Casablanca. If you’re really into movies, then let Scene It? Movie 2nd Edition put your movie trivia knowledge to the ultimate test. Ages 13 – Adult.

Game Includes:
Collectible Tin (Deluxe edition)
1 DVD (Deluxe edition includes bonus DVD)
Flextime® Game Board
Party Play
4 Collectible Metal Tokens
160 Trivia Cards
30 Buzz Cards
1 Six-Sided Die
1 Eight-Sided Die
Set of Game Rules


Posted on

May 21, 2021

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