Shopkins Designer Dash Game


Players: 2-4

Play Time: 15 minutes

Age: 5+


To be the first player to complete a Shopkins outfit by collecting a hat, shirt, bottom, and accessory.

The youngest player goes first by holding his/her Shopkins character behind his/her back and making a fist with the Shopkins character hidden inside. This player is called the “Hider”. Keeping both fists tightly closed, the Hider holds them out in front of his/her body. The Hider picks any other player to be the Guesser for this turn. The Guesser tries to guess which of the Hider’s fists has the Shopkins character in it by gently tapping that fist. The Hider opens the fist that the Guesser tapped to reveal whether or not the Shopkins character is in that fist.

If the Guesser guessed correctly, the Guesser moves the Hider’s playing piece along the path either one or two spaces of the Guesser’s choosing. If the Guesser guessed incorrectly, the Hider moves his/her piece along the path either three or four spaces of the Hider’s choosing.

When players land on an Outfit Space, they pick up any one Outfit Card from that category from the pile on the table, regardless of the picture on the space.

Each player may only hold one Outfit Card from each category at a time. When players land on a Wild Space, they pick up an Outfit Card from any category they don’t already hold. When players land on a Borrow Space, they take an Outfit Card from any other player. Players may only borrow Outfit Cards from categories they don’t already hold. When players land on a Switch Outfits space, they must hand all of the Outfit Cards they’ve collected to any player and take all of that player’s Outfit Cards. When a player is done moving and/or collecting, play passes to the left.

The first player to collect one Outfit Card from each category wins the game.


Posted on

May 21, 2021

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