Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice

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Players: 2-6

Play Time: 60 minutes

Age: 12+


Your trivia, your choice! With this new twist on trivia, a digital card deck allows you to control what content you play with for every experience. The unit includes 600 pre-loaded questions from classic categories such as sports and leisure, people and places, science and nature, and history. Then go to and download up to 1,800 more questions of your choice. Love sci-fi and fantasy. Know all there is to know about movies. Customize your electronic unit with your favorite categories to create the perfect game-you will never have to repeat a question. Whoever you are, whatever you love, and this is the Trivial Pursuit for you. This includes electronic unit containing 600 pre-loaded questions, USB cable, 36 scoring wedges, six scoring tokens, one game board, one die and instructions. For 2 to 36 players.


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May 21, 2021

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