Players: 2-6

Play Time: 60 minutes

Age: 8+


This is a new 2008 version that has cards for adults and cards for children with different types of questions.

This edition is only sold in Target.

To be the first player to fill all six spaces on your Scoring Token with different colored wedges by correctly answering questions. Get back to the center first and answer a final question correctly to win!

The dark blue cards are for players aged 14 or older. The bright blue cards are for younger players. Decide who should play from what deck at the start of the game and always return cards to the appropriate deck

There are six spaces around the board with a picture of a large colored wedge. If you answer a question correctly when you land on a wedge space, place a matching-colored scoring wedge into your scoring token! Then roll the die and take another turn.

When you land on one of these spaces, you may roll the die again.

There are six spaces around the board with a picture of a small colored wedge. When you land on one of these shortcut spaces by exact count, move directly to the matching-colored wedge space. Answer the question correctly to win a wedge of that color.

Short Game
In this version of the game, you don’t have to land on a wedge space to win a wedge. Instead, every time you get a correct answer, you win a matching-colored wedge.


  • BLUE ……………Geography
  • PINK ……………Entertainment
  • YELLOW ……..History
  • PURPLE ……….Art & Culture
  • GREEN ………..Science & Nature
  • ORANGE ……..Sport & Leisure

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May 21, 2021

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