Players: 3-8

Play Time: 45 minutes

Age: 12+


A game similar to Pictionary in that players must convey words and phrases to their teammates by drawing images on paper.

The instructions include two ways to play: team play and gameboard play. The object of the team play game is to be the first team to make 8 correct guesses. The object of the gameboard way is to be the first player to collect 4 different colored pawns and the Ace-In-The-Hole card.

Based on the hit TV game show of the same name with Vicki Lawrence as host of the NBC-aired version from 1987 until 1989, and Bert Convy [who also created this show along with actor Burt Reynolds] (1987-89) and Robb Weller (1989-90) as hosts of the syndicated version respectively.


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May 26, 2021

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