Coloured Alloy Shaft Multipack


Coloured Alloy Shaft Multipack is a combo pack perfect for beginners right through to advanced players.

It’s an excellent choice for value and customisation of your dart set.

Includes 3 sets of coloured alloy shafts (9 shafts total) that are 48mm in length each.

Alloy Shafts from Formula Sports are durable and lightweight. Made from Aluminium and therefore designed for optimal toughness and stability.

These shafts feature a hole towards the base to help you tighten and secure the shaft to your dart barrel.

Also includes black ‘O Rings’ that prevent metal shafts coming loose from the barrel during use.

Slide onto the base of the shafts thread to form a seal between the barrel and shaft.

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Coloured Alloy Shaft Multipack

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