To quote Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons “OH WHAT A NIGHT!”

Last night at EPIC we held Tournaments for two of our beloved TCGs (Trading Card Games). Yu-gi-oh! had their first in-store tournament and we kicked off qualifiers for the Aus Magic League Store Showcase, an event for the Modern format of Magic the Gathering.


Aus Magic League

The Aus Magic League’s Finals are open to everyone, however, the most competitive from each store, will battle head to head to win a separate trophy and prize from those who attend and compete in the finals.

Who is representing EPIC in our store showcase? I couldn’t tell you yet, you will have to wait til next week to see as our top eight players in-store battle their way to Store Champion!

Here are our match pairings for next week cut to top 8:

Jake Patroni vs Tim Stieler

Mathew Macinante vs Rowan Haynes

James Duffy vs Jordan Naive

James Nicol vs Dylan Pike

Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament

On the Yu-Gi-Oh! frontier, we had a whole lot of gameplay throughout the night, a solid 3 round tournament. Check out some of the awesome board states of our Duelists presented!

Your Friend and Ally,


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