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EPIC Ipswich has Events scheduled weekly, fortnightly and monthly.

Below is our weekly schedule which includes our fortnightly and monthly events.

If the event you’re interested in is marked (Fortnightly) or (Monthly) please call our store to see when its next scheduled.



EPIC Ipswich is always available for bookings 7 days a week. Note that to book our space on a Sunday, you will have to book in advance to ensure staff availabilities.

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6:00pm – 9:30pm

Blue Zone

D&D – Adventurers League

     Event organised by Ipswich Adventurers League

Play classic 5th edition dungeons and dragons without any homebrew.

Play in tiers with the current season (and historic) adventurers league modules. Volunteer to DM or play with like-minded Players. 



5:00pm – 10:30pm

Green Zone

MTG – Commander

     Event organised by EPIC Ipswich

Magic the Gathering (commander format) is now at EPIC! Tap this button to trigger it's drop down ability

Free entry with Preconstructed decks, Playmats and Card Sleeves available instore for purchase.

This is both a casual and competative game night so bring along your new commader you’ve been wanting to try out or that really OP commander combo deck you always win with.



6:00pm – 9:30pm

Blue Zone

D&D – EPIC League

     Event organised by EPIC Ipswich

Play in a storewide Dungeons and Dragons campaign, where your decisions can impact other tables!

EPIC league is a Dungeons and Dragons campaign of an epic scope. This is your normal D&D campaign with a catch. There are multiple tables each set in the same world, your actions directly effect other tables and the world at large, each week you may also switch tables or change table mid session to another table.

How does it work? All the Dungeon Masters brief at the end of the session so theyre all on the same page and plan out each tables next sessions.

For D&D with a twist, you cannot miss this awesome campaign!



6:00pm – late

Blue Zone

Modern & Modern League Tournament

     Event organised by EPIC Ipswich w/ Aus Magic League

Aus Magic League is running 8 week Modern league designed for the Competitive magic player.

Play instore to accrue weekly points to get to the top 8 to represent EPIC in the store showcase for the Seasons Finals.

Finals are opent to everyone! Compete weekly for rewards and prepare for the finals.

$15 Door Fee Entry & FREE Modern Horizons II set booster


4:00pm - 7:00pm

Green Zone


      Event organised by EPIC Ipswich

It's time to Duel! Activate the drop down bar for more info (we promise its not a trap card)

This is your multi format Yu-Gi-Oh event. From classic to speed dual, this is a casual event to come and play with other duelists. Don’t know how to play? Rusty?  We have players eager to verse someone new that’ll gladly show you the ropes.


5:00pm - 10:00pm

Green Zone

Ipswich Tabletop Association Game Night!

      Event organised by Ipswich Tabletop Association

A community orientated games night for all in the Ipswich Area

A community for all gamer types from Board games to Miniatures to Card games who live in the Ipswich area. 


4:00pm – 9:00pm

Green Zone

Dragon Dice (Fortnightly)

     Event hosted by EPIC Ipswich

Grab those pretty click clacks and rage war! maneuver your way to the drop down button for more information.

Fortnightly at EPIC Ipswich, Dragon dice has made its way to our table top.



7:30pm - 10:0pm

Blue Zone


     Event organised by Team Cupcake Inc

tickets selling start 5:30pm. More information down below

6 and 1 (6 in the books, 1 each of the jaackpot sheets) is $22

6 and 2 is $32

12 and 2 is $44

Kids Pack (3 and 1) is $16


5:00pm - 9:30pm

Green Zone

MTG – Friday Night Magic (Commander)

     Event organised by EPIC Ipswich

Magic the gatherings Friday Night Magic is here! Tap this button to trigger it's drop down ability

Join us at EPIC Ipswich as we partake in Friday Night Magic. Play Commander with fellow Magic the Gathering  players from Surrounding local areas.

This night caters to both casual MTG players and competative. Don’t know how to play magic? We have players keen to introduce new blood into the game.

There’s something for everyone at Friday Night Magic.



1:30pm - 4:00pm

Orange Zone

D&D – Dungeons and Wyrmlings

     Event organised by EPIC Ipswich

Dungeons and dragons got kid friendly! Read More

If your kid wants to play ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ and you yourself know nothing of the game, bring them to Dungeons and Wyrmlings and we will take care of the rest.

Want to learn how to play too? No problem, learn to play alongside your child.

This event is a great starting point for any family wanting to learn how to play D&D.


4:00pm - 10:30pm

Orange Zone

Games Night!

     Event organised by EPIC Ipswich

What is games night?

This is your one stop event for all your tabletop games. From hardcore games like ‘Betrayal at Hill House’, bridging games such as “Catan’ and ‘Dixit’, or anything as family friendly like ‘Monopoly’ or ‘Cluedo’.

Bring in your own games, Come in and join a game or simply choose from the stores selection of games. There’s something for everyone!


8:30am - 5:00pm

Blue Zone

Warhammer Tournament 40k & Age of Sigma (Monthly)

     Event organised by Ipswich Tabletop Association

About this tournament

This is a 1600 point 40k event, places are limited to 20 people so please get in quick. a players pack and more details to follow in the coming weeks


9:00am - 4:00pm

Blue Zone

EPIC/Crafty Day (Monthly)

     Event organised by EPIC Ipswich & The Crafty Studio

Read more about EPIC/Crafty Day (3rd Saturday of every month)

Join us on the 3rd Saturday each month for a fun creative day to get together with fellow crafty people to create and chat the day away. Open to all crafters from quilting to miniature painting, so bring along your projects or grab a group of friends and book your spot its FREE. Everyone will have a large tables with power available if needed. Food and drinks available from our in-store Cafe and Restaurant all day long. Doors open from 9am and we finish around 4pm.
Phone Trish on 3557 0037 today

Discord and Rewards!

EPIC Ipswich is taking active steps towards growing our own in store rewards system and bonuses that will be attached to our discord server.

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