What is Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yu-Gi-Oh is a strategic Trading Card Game (TCG) that features three different card types; Monsters, Spells and Trap cards.

Each player begins a game (known as a Duel) with 8000 Life Points, the object of the game is to use of
your cards to reduce your opponents Life Points to 0.

How do you play Yu-Gi-Oh?


Here is a (very) oversimplified breakdown of the gameplay:

As previously mentioned there are three different types of cards in ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’, these cards being: Monster cards, Spell cards and Trap cards. At the start of their turn a player may draw a card and proceed to summon monster cards, spell cards or trap cards to the field. All cards may be placed faced down until activated. Monster cards may be placed faced up and be played in their attack position or their defence position (card is turned side on) for their defence score. From here its a matter of attacking your opponents cards, a backwards and forwards of playing cards and activating trap cards on their triggers. All this is to accomplish the goal of the game – to reduce your opponents ‘lifepoints’ to 0.

Still confused? We can’t blame you! There’s alot of rules to this game. For a more comprehensive introduction to Yu-Gi-Oh! we recommend viewing the video attached and coming instore yourself on a Thursday afternoon to learn from some of our most experienced players.

We also recommend watching some of the many Yu-Gi-Oh animes available to learn the comprehensive game in a fun and entertaining manner!

Examples of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards

When is Yu-Gi-Oh?



4:00pm - 7:00pm

Orange Zone


     Event organised by EPIC Ipswich

This is a Casual Yu-gi-oh afternoon held weekly at Epic ipswich

EPIC Ipswich has card sleeves available for purchase and a experienced players on sight aspiring to teach the next generation how to duel in the ever growing game that is Yu-Gi-Oh!

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